Code of Conduct of Lifocolor Farben


Two essential and inseparable goals of Lifocolor Farben are economic success and social responsibility. As a company with about 255 employees in 4 countries, responsible and ethical behaviour towards our employees, business partners and society as a whole are an inherent part of our value system.

Our Code of Conduct defines mandatory minimum standards for Lifocolor Farben when it comes to how we behave towards business partners, employees and the public. The rules and guidelines derived from this code provide for the necessary safety and orientation during day-to-day operations. By raising awareness regarding legal risks, our Code of Conduct helps prevent statutory violations.

Our employees and managers are bound to this Code of Conduct.

Lifocolor Farben has a great variety of business ties. Therefore, our image also depends on the conduct of our employees and managers in their daily business, that is, on their personal integrity and sound judgement.

That is why it is important that we all know the laws and regulations that are relevant to our work and take ownership of the responsibility of observing them in our work environment.

Managers play an important part as role models and should proceed against any behaviour in violation of the law or the basic company values formulated in this document.

It is the responsibility of the management and the executive employees to create an environment in which even sensitive issues can be addressed openly and without having to fear negative consequences.

The Management

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