Innovation & Research

Skilled product specialists and application technicians work constantly to optimise existing formulations and also develop new applications that are often only made possible with suitable raw material modifications.

A modern and well-equipped development plant at the Lifocolor Group's headquarters in Lichtenfels is available for this purpose.

Colours can be introduced to customers not only as colour plates but also as colour samples that can be compared with the final product. For this purpose, bottles in a high-quality coex version may be produced, covers injected, film blown or single pigment filaments extruded.

Whether it is special afterglow or fluorescent colours, stellar glitter or interference effects, the latest effect schemes are constantly formulated while taking into account the dispersion and homogenisation that enhance the effect pigment.

Specified electrical conductivity, fireproofing or content protection require strict adherence and if necessary, explicit scrutiny of these requirements.

New marking techniques that use suitable laser or bonding techniques with the aid of laser transmission welding demand an exact calibration of transmission or absorption behaviour of the bonding components that are to be welded.


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