Lifocolor supports you right from the generation of ideas and conceptual development with the aid of our comprehensive colorthek catalogue to production of customised development samples. In addition, we also offer presentations of the latest trend colours, new colour effects and facilities at your site.

The Lifocolor colorthek library: about 50,000 documented formulations gives an idea of the number of colours and effects that have a proven advantage in particular polymer types. You can always request select master plates with a specific theme or visit our colorthek on appointment.

Development sample: Whether it's extruded foils, injection-moulded covers or extrusion-moulded surfaces, our technology can portray your colour ideas very early during the development stage in the form of dummy samples, with useful pointers being offered for the product being developed.

The Lifocolor-Coex Colour Sample Bottles:: Current sample bottles can also be manufactured on co-extruded versions, highly transparent and also in various polymer types like PE, PP and PET on our modern lab blown film extrusion line. High product quality makes a representative presentation of your colour designs possible.

Color trends: International trend colours are prepared regularly in the form of polypropylene colour sample plates and can help you to identify relevant colour trends early for successful colour designs.

Effects: Lifocolor collaborates closely with famous manufacturers of colour effects to introduce the latest colour effects, even in dyed synthetic components, for our customers very early. Whether interference, metallic, fluorescence, phosphorescence or other special effects, we check the feasibility together with you based on the polymer to be dyed and also provide selected samples.


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