Product Development

Lifocolor shows your colour settings in the specified material. You have the choice of receiving colour bleeds as stage or drip plates, as cover, mono or Coex bottles or as PE blown film - entirely in accordance with your requirements. Influences of the polymer raw material and the product surface on the colour or gloss effects are taken into consideration.

The pigment selection and a possible required stabilisation depend on the product requirements, the planned moulding process, and the processing parameters.

Specific product requirements, like physiological harmlessness or conformities, are accounted for in accordance with the relevant laws and the latest valid REACH regulations.

Flexible allocation of our lab capacities facilitates fast availability of lab samples, which can be introduced, modified, and optimised directly at the manufacturer's processing machine under special circumstances.

Whether it's in the form of optimised masterbatches or a technical compound, you will always receive a qualified solution to your needs.


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