Lifocolor celebrates 25th anniversary

Dr. Martin Fabian, Managing Director Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG:

"The first 25 years of Lifocolor‘s history have been written. 25 years in which masterbatch products have been developed and established within the plastics industry. At that time, Lifocolor was part of this development and has contributed to this product group‘s success story.

The growing plastics business field entails tapping into new fields of application and developing new products. When it comes to implementing solutions, this requires engagement, creativity, flexibility and entrepreneurial
spirit from all parties. Only our close integration and interaction with our customers, business partners and suppliers made it possible to fulfil the requirements of the market. To date, we have learned and achieved much. Every day is different and our enthusiasm to deal with the materials and their
versatile properties remains unrestrained. We are convinced that development does not stop. The variety of applications and sectors
requires new or developed solutions. This demands a comprehensive knowledge of raw materials, application and production. Topics such as product safety, efficient use of energy and raw materials, bio-degradable materials and purposeful product development are always on the agenda for the continued development of masterbatch products. This allows us to improve and increase our efficiency, making it possible to provide our customers with high quality and competitive solutions.

Our concern is to shape the future for the years ahead, together with our partners. We look forward to it."

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