Works outing - Kelheim

Heat, Waves, Beer and Monasteries

The works outing of Lifocolor on 3rd of July 2015 was a great success. Nearly 90 employees attended a trip to Kelheim in spite of suffocating heat and holiday time.

„Due to cleverly devised activities and schedules it worked like a charm", M. Demirezen and B. Kunig from Marketing Department agreed. In the course of preliminaries one could learn a lot. Even that many things could come in a different way of what was originally planned and it would be an advantage to start early with organisation. And that it is not so easy to „amuse" so many people ...but it made fun - that‘s the common opinion.

On early Friday morning the people of Lifocolor from Lichtenfels and Straufhain started to Kelheim with two busses. After arrival they had to hurry because three city guides from Kelheim were in expectation. Even though the city tour was shorter than planned the participants learned a lot about Kelheim. It would have been much too hot for a longer excursion everybody agreed. So they had to rush to reach the Danube ship Maximilian II at 10:30 a. m. where they had been welcoming with sparkling wine and juice.

The great shipping on Danube to the monastery of Weltenburg through „Danube Break" with its sensational rocks was really a compensation for the sweat blasting caused by the hottest day of the year.

Enjoying a beer from the „eldest monastery brewery of the world" and a „braised beef with dumplings and cabbage" and sitting in the shady beer garden of Weltenburg - it was perfect. The wonderful and cosy surrounding was inviting to conversation. Blessed are they who decided to take part in a guided tour in the famous abbey church built and painted by the Asam brothers. What a recreation from heat in these cool old piles by listening to the entertaining and humorous explanations of the guide.

Afterwards busses picked them up going to Abensberg for a guided tour through the „Kuchlbauer" brewery. The tour was not only full of impressions about producing wheat beer but also a nice adventure trip through the world of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

The cooperation of brewery patriarch Leonhard Salleck with the famous artist and architect was explained marvellously. Amazed faces were giving evidence that most of the employees never would have supposed this sensational Hundertwasser tower in that small Bavarian town like Abensberg. The curved tower with its golden dome and its exceptional mosaic art could have been creating only due to the toughness and passion of Leonhard Salleck.

The tasty „Kuchlbauer" wheat beer degustation was the culmination of the trip. Lively discussions and satisfied faces reflected that the tour itself and its program seemed to be really a great success.


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