€ 10,000 donation to youth welfare organistation

Lifocolor has donated togehter with their customers, suppliers and business partners, € 10,000 to the youth welfare organistation Fit4LIFe. The sum of all individual donations and the added amount of Lifocolor would be sufficient to support the project for a whole year.

The Fit4LIFe is a coaching program for 12 - to 16-year-old children and young peoples with difficult social background. The program provides clear skills for self-responsible actions and supports the participating children and young people including the transition to adult life.

Since the project began last year, 77% of the participating children and youth have a (very) positive overall evaluation. This expresses itself in increased self-confidence, better self-control and the ability to socialise.

Thanks to all involved!

Picture: Managing Director Dr. Martin Fabian (r.) present the cheque of € 10,000 to the chief administrative officer (district Lichtenfels), Christian Meissner (l).


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