New colour concept for transparent plastic packaging

INDIAN SUMMER is the new colour concept codeveloped by REBHAN, LIFOCOLOR and ECKART. The INDIAN SUMMER colour concept is based on five colour tones that are reminiscent of North American forests in late summer. They range from deep yellow and orange to velvety red, through to dark green and brown tones. The development aimed to showcase nature's impressive display of colours in flacons and to break new ground in the field of premium cosmetic packaging.

The colour creations were produced in collaboration with REBHAN, a provider of a wide range of plastic packaging, and ECKART, a manufacturer of innovative effect pigments, in the labs of LIFOCOLOR. ‘We used high-quality colour masterbatches which, when combined with unique effect pigments, gave the premium flacons a special brilliance,' Volker Becke, head of research and development at LIFOCOLOR, explained.

More than just plastic
Glass PolymerTM (1) is an innovative material that combines the benefits of glass and plastic: the look of a fine glass flacon and the functionality of plastic. ‘The Colonna  flacon  selected  for  the  bottle  range  has  a  timeless  elegance  that beautifully reflects the interaction of colour and effect pigments,' said Matthias Philipp, head of project management at REBHAN.

Strong incentives for consumers to buy

‘Our creative colour concepts enable us to support our customers, and thereby their customers, to market emotionally appealing packaging. They captivate consumers and give them a strong incentive to buy at the point of sale,' explained Dr Dietmar Mäder, global head of special applications, marketing and technical service at ECKART.

The limited INDIAN SUMMER range of bottles is presented in the following five colour creations: Canadian sunset, Golden oak, Alder leaf, Liquid maroon and Indian maple. Harmonious printing motifs and the screw cap closure made from real wood emphasise the high quality of the flacon.

The idea for this collaboration came from Cosmetic Business 2014. At the
trade fair, ECKART and LIFOCOLOR presented for the first time a joint series of transparent colour tones with extraordinary effects in PET bottles.

For more information about our project partners:

 (1) Glass PolymerTM is a registered trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.


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