PPS masterbatches – For special requirements

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a high-temperature resistant and semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Its chemical structure makes it a very durable polymer with excellent mechanical properties - even at temperatures exceeding 200 °C. Lifocolor offers with LIFORMANCE a product range of seven standard colours as PPS masterbatches.

PPS - a real speciality

PPS is considered the material of the future for special requirements because of its high continuous use temperature and good resistance to chemicals. Depending on its type and quality, its inherent colour can vary. Colour development requires good know-how especially adapted to the polymer. LIFORMANCE is a product range of PPS masterbatches and new in the Lifocolor portfolio due to rising demand. LIFORMANCE products are available in seven selected colours and have the necessary heat resistance. All products can be processed at a PPS typical temperature of approx. 300 °C and are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion processes.

A multi talent

LIFORMANCE masterbatches are specially developed colour concentrates whose colourants are specially matched to the polymer. By using a linear PPS as carrier matrix, the mechanical properties still stay intact. The semi-crystalline thermoplastic PPS can withstand constant heat exposure of up to 240 °C and short-term exposure of up to approx. 270 °C. The chemical resistance of PPS is excellent when exposed to almost all solvents, many acids and alkalis. The semi-crystalline polymer offers the advantage that water is absorbed only in low quantities and is practically impenetrable for most fluids and gases. PPS is also a good electrical insulator. Due to its good flow ability it is exceptionally suitable for long, narrow moulded parts and complex tool geometries.


A wide scope of applications

Examples of PPS can be found especially in mechanically, electrically, thermally and chemically high-stress moulded parts. These include pump parts, valves and sterilization devices. Depending on modification, the material is also excellent for engine applications in the automotive and electronics industry (e.g. carburettor and insulation parts, coil bobbins and chip carriers).

LIFORMANCE masterbatches are available in small quantities ex stock. Individual colour specifications that deviate from our standard portfolio are available upon request. All batches included in our product range are recommended for technical applications.


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