Summer party for Lifocolor employess

Luck with weather, beautiful location at Straufhain site, committed employees - these factors were fostering the smooth course of our event. 

A short introduction by managing director Dr. Martin Fabian was opening the celebration followed by a delicious cake and pie buffet - all of them employee donations. So many dainties - everybody had worked flat out to offer an unsurpassable choice. A sight for sore eyes!  

Exchange and communication between employees and departments in a "cosy" atmosphere was the purpose of our little party. The employees from Lichtenfels who didn't know the location of Straufhain willingly took the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes-tour.  Fortunately it was ending just in time before dinner was starting. 

After enjoying the meal, the intentions to motivate as many participants as possible for outdoor games and different championships by gaining rewards and prices were successful.

The whole afternoon different groups spend time with radial run-outs at table tennis. In the following single tournaments Ute Neundörfer, secretary of managing director, proved her perseverance.  

When goal- wall-shooting also women were demonstrating their capabilities of kicking and striking - led by Marina Eideloth (Team Exports) with 3 goals of 6 kicks. 

Tug-of-war was another discipline which attracted lots of participants. Great fun was written in their faces. One of them was extraordinary keen and passionate. It was Nicole Pochert from laboratory Straufhain, who embraced the rope ambitiously.  

Also badminton training in a relaxed atmosphere was very popular, originally planned as a challenge. Nevertheless it was funny and jolly - even without winners and losers!

The evening was gently fading away with chilled beer, fizzy drinks, bright music and most of all employees agreed: "This was a very successful funny party!"


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