White laser marking on black polyamide

A new laser marking masterbatch enables exceptionally high contrast marking on deep black polyamide-parts

The laser marking of plastic parts has found its way into many industries for several reasons: This technique is particularly precise, more flexible and also faster than conventional methods of marking technologies. Laser marking also stands out due to its durability and protection against counterfeiting. Almost all polymers can be marked permanently. Various raw materials as well as colour pigments and other additives can react very differently. It is a requirement for the laser energy to be converted into heat on the surface of the plastic part that will be marked. Many pure plastics do not absorb the near-infrared radiation. In this case it is essential that the polymer be „laser-sensitive" by adding an additive. It is important that the additive matches the properties of the plastic material.

Black as carbon, white as snow thanks to additive preparation

Lifocolor has developed LIFOLAS M SCHWARZ 114031 PA, a laser marking masterbatch in which pure white markings are possible on deep black surfaces (see Figures 1 and 2). The included laser additive ensures an unprecedented contrast.

The additive preparation is suitable for various polyamide grades - with and without glass fiber content. In laser marking, PA usually tends to foam. LIFOLAS M SCHWARZ 114031 PA supports the foaming while appearing white. During this process different laser types are used to create a clean font, making it possible to achieve markings and typefaces that can be used in a wide range of applications. Examples of these would be turn signal switches or engine interiors for the automotive sector, as well as cable sheathing or even heavy duty tools like a drill hammer. Basically wherever a clear, legible and durable marking on a saturated black part is essential.

Further areas of application are extended by the EC 10/2011 and FDA regulations, e.g. devices that are in contact with food (such as the marking of coffee machines).

Examples of markings: Marking with the same parameters  


Marking on black polyamide:

left:  The special laser additive enables pure white markings. 

right: Standard laser batch without additive - the marking seems to be darker.


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