Individual Products - From the Idea to the Product

Benefits and Advantages for You

"Colour as an integral part of design, function and the properties of High-performance Plastics."
Our Lifocolor experts accompany you through each step of the process from the initial idea and your design recommendations to product definition, initial samples, preproduction and serial production. We'll also be on the spot for you anywhere in the world.
Lifocolor will inform and advise you throughout the entire development cycle for all your queries related to plastic dyeing, plastic modification and colour measurement technology.

Idea and Design

The current Lifocolor "Colorthek" catalogue includes more than 50,000 documented colour formulae and effects that can be made available as samples to view. Regularly updated catalogues show how the latest colour trends are rendered in different plastics and the kind of quality that can be achieved with special effects.
Specific product requirements like physiological harmlessness and conformities in accordance with the relevant laws and the most recent REACH regulations are taken into consideration even during the early development phase.

Product Definition

Individual colour settings can be visualised in various specified polymer types. Influences of a particular polymer raw material and the product surface on the colour or gloss effects are taken into consideration.
There is also the possibility of visualising colour samples in form and appearance in relation to the end product. Sample covers and sample bottles with different gloss levels or as coex bottles, film, monofilaments or other types are also possible. The choice of pigment depends not only on the product, but also on the planned design process and processing parameters.

Initial Sample

Our flexible lab capacities make fast and flexible sample production possible. This can also be modified and optimised directly at the manufacturer's processing machine for special cases.
Our own state-of-the-art colour measurement technology ensures that colour deviations are quantified, assessed and corrected if necessary. Apart from specially required documentation, the accompanying colour measurement protocols for respective colour measurement techniques are indispensable.

Preproduction Series

The specification of the final formulation proceeds with the calibration of an optimal dosing quantity. Other financial advantages for customers can be realised by the integration of additional additives in colour masterbatches, if necessary. In cases of high doses, production and delivery of technical compounds can be a good idea.


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