Application-specific stabilisation of polymer types is of paramount importance. If the requirements are not fulfilled, additives can also be combined with colour in the form of a multifunctional batch, that improves the properties of a raw material according to specifications.

Temperature Stability

Antioxidants improve the long-term stability of polymers at higher temperatures and also improve processing stability. Along with marked process stabilisers or long-term stabilisers, masterbatches with metal deactivators in a synergistic agent combination are also offered. Polymer decomposition is thereby suppressed in an effective and lasting manner

Light and UV Protection

Light fastness masterbatches comprise UV absorbers and degradation inhibitors ( HALS stabilisers) as well as various combinations of these components.
UV absorbers filter UV radiation selectively from incident light and converts it into heat. HALS stabilisers prevent the light-induced decomposition process in polymers and ensure lasting stabilisation of the material.
The typical requirements of light protection equipment are differentiated between light-proof for standard interior applications, hot light-proof for textile and automotive interior applications, and weatherproof for external applications.


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