Colour Road 2019 - SOUNDS OF COLOUR

The Trendtopics 19 - "Sounds of Colour"

We experience the world around us with all of our senses. We often hear and see at the same time - the stimuli merge together in our brains. The latest research shows that our brains do not process sensory perceptions equally. This means that in a world of constant sensory overload, our impressions are perceived selectively and classified according to different sensory channels.

In our search for new authentic experiences, we strive to break this pattern and together with you, we ask the question: how would we see colours if we could only hear them?

In our first trend topic, "NOISES OF LIFE", we turn our attention to sounds that are made by everyday activities. In "VOICES OF MUSIC" we encounter sounds that are deliberately created. They provide an emotional balance to our often hectic lives. In "ECHOES OF NATURE" we listen to the sounds that we hear in nature. These acoustic inspirations express the spirit of the age; they are connected to our emotions and their associated colour concepts.


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