Colour Road 2020 - The Taste of Colours

With the theme "THE TASTE OF COLOURS", this year's Colour Road is presenting another aspect of sensual experience on the search
for authenticity.

Children train their sense of taste with their mouth at an early stage. Our aesthetic taste is primarily influenced by our cultural and personal environment, which is, however, broadened through globalization. The
nearly limitless variety offered demands new selection criteria. The economic success of the entire food, fashion, and furnishing sectors vitally depends upon whether the suppliers meet the contemporary taste and position their products in popular communication channels.

Personal preferences are not debatable - and we don't intend to debate them. Our trend service is based on international trend work in close collaboration with leading trend institutes and industry experts. With our trend report, we show you three worlds with the corresponding colours and surfaces.

The first theme "FIELDS" is about fundamental requirements and new nuances of basic shades.


You can explore the variety of exotic colours in the second topic "MARKETS".


The topic of "GARDENS" will give you new energy in shades of blue and green.

Our colour palettes offer you a basis for finding the right shade for every taste.

"Taste" the latest colour trends - just contact us!


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